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Desiring to make Jesus Christ known and loved,  the Canadian sisters accepted God’s call to educating the young, care for the sick, the poor and to carry out all kinds of educational activities at the service of the church responded positively to the request of Bishop Sanctus to work with African Sisters.  Therefore in 2014 the Sisters started this mission of education, they opened up this Vocational school called Providence in Nebbi.
Providence Vocational School was started in Nebbi Catholic Diocese by the Sisters of the Daughters of Providence of Nebbi on the 3rd of May 2014 to help the youth gain practical skills, widen their horizon, be more creative and become self-reliant.
We are grateful to all our Sisters in Canada, France and England for passionately supporting this mission.
May God bless you all


To empower the youth with practical skills for self-reliance


To form young people, who are creative, morally and spiritually upright, literally sound with practical skills, ready to serve God and the Society


Building skills for life


1. To acquire and practice a variety of practical skills for self-reliance and sustainability.

2. To become Job makers rather than Job seekers.

3. To make a living in a multi-skilled manner.

4. To make a living in a multi-skilled manner.

5. To maintain good cultural moral and spiritual values of life among the youth.

6. To develop an appreciation for the dignity, living and working cooperatively with everyone.

7. To protect the environment and mother Earth for a healthy living.

8. To enable the youth acquire functional and permanent literacy, numerical and communication skills.

9. To be critical and positive thinkers with a healthy mind and body

Leadership team

Mr. Ronny Okumu

Mr. Ronny Okumu

Tailoring Instructor
"If you are about to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor" Albert Einstein
Mr. Innocent  Iwutung

Mr. Innocent Iwutung

Carpentry Instructor
Molding young minds with practical skills is the way to build a brighter future

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